Summer School 2015 is here! As a collaboration of CPIT, Victoria University of Wellington and University of Auckland, our team have planned an exciting programme that runs from Thursday 8 January until Thursday 5 February. We also welcome public engagement in our lecture series, studio presentations and tours. Join us for a fun summer!

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Studio Christchurch is a collaborative Christchurch based research and design platform for architecture and related disciplines. The vision of an exemplary Christchurch rebuild is seen as a shared opportunity to bring together tertiary institutions, local industries, the profession and governmental bodies. Through facilitating collaborative partnerships, Studio Christchurch connects tertiary institution’s design studios with real-world issues. This model benefits the city by offering an open platform to investigate and develop concepts that lead to applied design propositions. While at the same time this model prepares young architects for contemporary practice through exposure to real-world design challenges.

Studio Christchurch is open to both under-graduate and post-graduate levels, and is founded on on three key principles: teamwork, cross-disciplinary collaborations and collective learning. Students and tutors, as participants of this platform, actively assemble, edit and produce knowledge, which moves beyond pure architectural education and towards purpose driven, collective outcomes. Through highly visible presentations and public engagement Studio Christchurch stimulates and actively participates in the discussions shaping the future of the city.